Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Scratching...

Interview with novice 'Scratcher' - M:

On Scratch I am working on an idiom project - a taste of your medicine.  It was pretty challenging because most of the sprites they had was not what I needed so I had to create my own and my own background and fix things up and reprogram it to make it better.  I had to make my mad scientist disappear.  When I was trying to do that I tried to make my own block and typed in disappear, but when I clicked on that for my mad scientist, he just stayed there.  And so then I had to make him move 240 steps so you didn't see him anymore, but you could still see his hand.  I'm trying to make him disappear, but it's hard because I tried to get the background to go over him, but that didn't work either.  Whenever I played my whole video I would have to set everything up over again, and that was annoying because I had to move everything here and move it back there.  I'm looking around Scratch to see how I can program to set itself up all over again. The mad scientist was supposed to create his own medicine to make himself younger and when he drank it, he turned into a turtle, so I had to make the turtle come out from under the table.  I had difficulty with that because I could only make him move 10 steps at a time and I had to count over and over again how many steps I would need to move him.

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