Friday, November 15, 2013

Coding, coding, 1,2,3

I always like to have my students watch the video below from and reflect on its meaning and significance as applied to their exposure, practice experience with coding.  What I have shared here are some musings from 8 year olds...

"I just started coding and it is like a new world! It is amazing because you get to almost go into someone else's brain and teach them based on how they think.
I learned that computers are actually pretty dumb but the people who program them can make them do almost anything! Just start small and if you get into it, grow big, big and bigger. It really involves skill though, it's not just some game that you get addicted to, it's almost a student and you are a teacher. It even helped me think of how I can improve when I learn because the computer's mistakes seem hilariously dumb but that is only because I am smarter. I sometimes make mistakes like that and now I know that if you learn how someone else thinks, you can show them almost exactly how you think. "

"I feel that coding is great because it's like learning a new language.It is fun because you get to communicate with the computer and tell it what to do like if I put a strong tag and type something inside the tags it will make it bold.Sometimes,I personally think it does get a little frusterating when you don't understand the instructions that tell you what to do because one time I misunderstood the directions and I didn't put title tags.But overall, I think coding is a great thing to do and learn."

"I think coding is like learning a weird language and you have to remember everything. .. Coding is really hard for me and I'm stuck on the first level. I've kind of got the hang of it, but it's really hard for me to remember everything. It looks really advanced and is as hard as learning Hindi last year. "

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