Friday, December 13, 2013

Community Building Through Hour of Code

We are more than halfway through the week for Hour of Code.  Virtually every class in my school has signed on to participate - including our principal.  My students have been helping out kindergarten classes throughout the week to help them navigate through the levels, distinguish between right and left, and manipulate their mouse.  It was amazing to listen to some of the strategies they were using with the kindergarten students.  I heard modeling (pretended to be the 'Angry Bird'), use of visualization (pointing to the screen), questioning, mnemonic devices (how to remember left and right), scaffolding (providing the first one or two blocks to help get them started), providing a familiar point of reference (likening Blockly to Scratch), and use of non-examples to show them the 'right' way to go.  Wow!  They also expressed how difficult my job must be and appreciate the difference between knowing how to do something yourself vs. helping someone else do it.

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