Thursday, April 24, 2014

Future Entrepreneurs

Our student 'companies' have been formed and students applied for positions such as President and VPs of Design, Manufacturing and Finance.  I have been using this website to pull articles for my students to read and learn about aspects of starting a company such as naming their company and creating their logo.  We studied a variety of company's logos to see trends, patterns, and colors.  They then worked on designing their own company logo initially through sketching and then in 3D on Tinkercad.  The product ideas have been incredible.  One company is creating a tool to undo too-tightly-tied shoelaces and called their company 'Untangled.'  Another is working on candy sugar sculptures and dub themselves 'Sugart.'  One is working on creating ways to carry i-devices AND other belongings and call themselves 'I-Keep.'

The process of 3D design has been interesting.  It hasn't been as easy as we thought to transfer ideas to a new way of viewing the world.  In the case of I-Keep, the students struggled with the idea of how to make the backpack attach to the letter 'I' until one of them came in and thought of attaching a ring through the spherical 'backpack' and connecting it to the 'I.'

Student company logo souvenir

It's been incredible to see just how our ideas can come to life with technology.  Innovation is possible on a completely different level.

Student logo souvenirs printing two at a time on Makerbot Replicator 2

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