Monday, August 18, 2014

Marshmallow Challenge

With a new school year comes new students who have not had a chance to meet one another, much less work together.  In order to build a community of learners who are ready to communicate, collaborate and work together productively to solve problems, it is critical to provide them with opportunities to do so.  This is where the marshmallow challenge comes in.  Learn more about it here:
So, I had my students take the challenge.  I started by creating the 'challenge brief' in the form of a short video with a 007 theme, created using Powtoon:
The emphasis was really on applying the engineering-design process which my classes explored last week to this hands-on challenge.  It was great to see the conversations and iterations as well as teams not content for their tower to stand at 45 cm and work to increase the height of it.  Pictures are here from the plan to build phases.

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