Thursday, February 26, 2015


I recently received a grant from APS to get my students started with hummingbird robotics.
Here is a summary of the grant proposal from the APS site:
Explorer Middle School, Phoenix
Students Impacted: 97
Project Title: Middle School Makers
Grant: $1,950
Description: "Middle School Makers" will involve programming and creating robotics, kinetic sculptures and animatronics using Hummingbird kit materials.

I envisioned it as a way to have them make, create, and program.  Using an Arduino device and a variety of LEDs and sensors partnered with the CREATE Lab Visual Program, my students are off and running already on day one!

There are a series of video tutorials that make it easy for anyone to wire and program.  They created a variety of sounds with the text-to-speech feature and are well on their way to creating animatronics.  The CREATE Lab makes it simple to create expressions and then sequence them.  We will work on exploring loops and getting our creatures to wave, blink, and talk.  There is even a keyboard that we can program to create a series of expressions to play a song.  Who would have thought that knowing how to play piano would come in handy when programming a robot?  Can't wait to see what we'll do next!

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