Wednesday, May 13, 2015

More Adventures in 3D Printing

Turning my classroom into a creative makerspace this year has really brought out new ideas and uses for the design and 3D printing that I have not seen before.  Just this week, a student designed and printed parts to go along with an assignment in English class - to create a board game based on the novel Walk Two Moons.  Love, love, love that students are putting their newfound skills to use across the curriculum and in authentic, needs-based ways.

Here is the student's board game.  The card-holder was customized to fit the cards and the title of the novel printed on it.  The game pieces were small cars in a variety of colors to correspond with the theme of the novel.

Here's another project that a student has just designed and printed...LEGO bricks, customized LEGO train tracks and train wheels...

And last but not least, a very original "8-bit Mario"...

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