Thursday, August 27, 2015

The importance of mindset

I've been working on ways to have my students explore and reflect on the importance of mindset in the classroom.  To this end, they took Jo Boaler's course called "How to Learn Math" last spring.  It was definitely a highlight for many of my students. Many had never realized the importance of having a growth mindset and to not be afraid of making mistakes.  It was a freeing and empowering moment for so many of them.
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I really got to thinking about I address standards and practices (mathematical practices and science and engineering practices) in the classroom, but what about mindset?  So, to start off the school year, I returned to a series of videos from IDEO that I watched when I took a Human-Centered Design course.  It's a set of seven videos addressing mindsets that we must have as we design solutions:

  •  learn from failure
  • iterate, iterate, iterate
  • make it
  • empathy
  • creative confidence
  • optimism
  • embrace ambiguity

They can be found here.  I then introduced sketchnoting to the students and introduced them to Braindoodles   They worked in groups to watch the videos and sketchnote their way through them.  It was inspiring to see them communicate their ideas with one another and how to represent them in a visually engaging and memorable way.

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