Thursday, October 8, 2015


I got inspired by this lesson on biomimicry found here.  Before getting into biomimicry, though, I had my students first explore nature right on our schoolyard by going out and taking pictures.  I registered the class for our first Project Noah mission - Global Schoolyard Bioblitz.  We then uploaded the pictures and made observations about the colors, structures, and functions of organisms.

After this, we explored biomimicry through a few resources.  One of the videos is shown above.
I then introduced the quest to the students:  How can we use reverse-engineering to learn from nature and innovate solutions?
I reminded them of how we used reverse-engineering when taking apart a video game to figure out how it works.  They then went on to reverse-engineer a sunflower, taking it apart into its component part in order to get inspired by nature to come up with an innovative solution based on the color, structure, or function of the sunflower.  Their ideas were great!  I used dotstorming to crowdsource the ideas.  Students had the opportunity to vote on their top 3 after which I used the ranking function to organize the ideas.

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