Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Technovating Girls

This has been a tremendous week.  A preview of CODEGIRL was made available on Youtube Nov. 1-5 before its theatrical debut.  Here is the official trailer:

It is all about teams of girls from around the world who participated in the Technovation Challenge to create apps to solve a problem in their community.  What do they do?  They persevere as they solve problems by creating, building and becoming entrepreneurs.

It was so incredibly inspiring to see these teams of girls who were not only coding, but ideating, creating, iterating, and researching to make their dreams of a better future a reality.  From an app to swap items to one that mobilizes and coordinates volunteerism to one that locates sources of water, these girls have thought of ways to improve life and society with unique perspectives.  The ideals embodied in the Technovation Challenge is what I strive to bring into the classroom everyday.  Starting with ideating where they do a needs analysis by surveying, they are guided through the process of brainstorming solutions, doing competitive analysis, branding, and pitching their idea.  Entrepreneurship is blended seamlessly in with the actual coding of the app and mentorship components. I love how the entrepreneurship brings in the feasibility aspect of the app creation process in terms of meeting the needs of users in a measurable way.  So, putting together the definition of technology: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry
with innovation: a new method, idea, product
Together, we have the powerful combination of technovation embodied in this challenge new apps are invented to solve very real and present problems in the world today.  

Here's another short video outlining the incredible journey the teams undertake:

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