Saturday, November 7, 2015

Visionary Girls

This was a tremendous week for girls and computer science.  It kicked off with one of my former students winning a Visionary Girl award for her work with robotics, creating an award-winning app and technology leadership.  Visionary Girls are recognized for innovation in the community, "create new ways of engaging with the world around them, or have a unique vision that will make a difference now and in the future."

It continued with the release of the preview of Codegirl, a documentary about teams of girls who participated in the global Technovation challenge.  I decided to hold screenings of excerpts of it in my middle school classroom during lunchtime.  It was great to be able to show them these stories of teens who are changing the world with their innovative apps.  After the viewing, I arranged a call via telepresence with a college student who had graduated a few years earlier from my district and asked her to share about her journey and how she decided to major in computer science.  It was an incredible conversation about how she got hooked by her experience with Hour of Code.  She had so much fun with those coding puzzles that she decided to study computer science as her major as a senior in high school.

Here is part of the mentoring conversation she had with girls in my classroom this week:

Big takeaways?  If you love coding, just do it!  And all you need to do to code is to have ideas, be creative, think out of the box and have the courage to try things.  And, most importantly - never give up!

Then, to finish off the whole week, we had our first Girls Who Code introductory session where our guest instructor talked about the field of computer science and the opportunities available in this field for careers.  So inspiring to be able to work with this initiative and connect with local industry to bring this content to the community. Code on!

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