Monday, December 14, 2015

"What if..."

I started off my evening reading the NMC 2015 Higher Education Report where trends, challenges and developments in educational technology are identified.  It was fascinating to read about where we are and how quickly the landscape is changing.  Things that we never would have imagined even 10 years ago are now commonplace - makerspaces and wearable technology being within the 2-3 year timeframe.

This led me to this really great article on innovation + culture = culture of innovation.  It was a piece that caused me to reflect on all the facets of not just building, but maintaining a culture of innovation. There was even a self-reflection tool where I went through considering all of these facets in my practice, context, and setting.  Leadership, capacity, policy, structure, process and more all play into this culture of innovation.

Then, I somehow ended up in this amazing space through some miracle of time travel...Stanford 2025.

Here, I explored several possible future models of education:
1)  Open Loop University - instead of 4 years of learning, a lifetime of learning
Here is another video on this concept...
2)  Paced Education  - instead of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior that is based on age, the move to an adaptive model of calibrate (immersive experiences of a micro-course nature), elevate (focus and deeper experience), and activate (knowledge applied in real-world situations)

3)  Axis-flip so that skills are of primary importance.  Instead of a 'transcript,' emphasis is on a 'skill print.  Rather than focusing on what you taken, the focus is on what you can give.  It's not so much about what you know, but how you use it.

4)  Purpose Learning where having a social impact is given priority much sooner by students pursuing missions through projects

I love this part of future Stanford - the invitation to participate in rethinking and ensuring that learning remain at the center of educational institutions by reflecting, imagining, and perhaps most importantly, trying...and not being afraid to ask ourselves, "What if..."

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