Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words...

As a way to understand how my students view computer scientists, I asked them to draw a picture of a computer scientist or an image to represent computer science.  It was fascinating to see their perceptions and understandings come alive through a drawing.

I love how this student addressed misconceptions about what people think of when they think of computer scientists and then addressed those myths by including images of "tech women" and "tech man."

I love this drawing with the message that "anyone can do it!" and that computer scientists always have their "thinking cap" on.  Then there is the message that computer scientists are "always using their knowledge to think of new innovations." Last, but not least, computer scientists are today's superheroes!

Here's another representation with the message of iteration and perseverance.  "Computer scientists iterate until the achieve what they wanted to achieve!"

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