Sunday, January 3, 2016

One Word

With 2015 now behind me and already in 2016, I've had some time to reflect on my past 15 years of teaching.  The word that kept coming to me was the word 'urgent.'  There is an urgent need for me to continue to teach like I have never taught before.  An urgent need for me to continue to learn and develop professionally for my students who will be the next generation of innovators, inventors, problem-solvers.  Why this and why now?  Well, it all started with a parade, the Fiesta Bowl parade.  I was invited to be in the parade along with 9 other teachers.  As we were waving from on board our AZ historic vehicle, a red shiny fire engine, a parade volunteer shouted out to us while giving a thumbs-up - "Teachers have the most important job in America.  Go teachers!"  So, for all the teachers out there reading this - this is for you too!  Go you!

I was also given a gift in December - one that hearkens back to my very first class when my 4th grade students wrote me handwritten notes...

This time, it was a video featuring STEM in my classroom.  As I see and hear my students talking, the realization hits me again - the importance of my job and the urgency to provide them access to learning opportunities that will equip them with the mindset, understandings, and skills they need to create the future.

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