Sunday, January 10, 2016

There's an app (concept) for that!

Exciting news is that I just found out that my team was awarded Best in State in the Verizon App Challenge 2016 for 6th-8th grade.  I love this particular competition because it really provides the opportunity for my students to dream big and dream local at the same time.  Big in that they have the room to be creative with the app concept they propose and local in that they use their app-concept design to solve and address a local problem.  I am so inspired by all the entries found here - the students from all over are so incredibly creative, yet practical.  They are finding ways to solve real problems - an app that helps inform students about the various clubs on campus, one that will "protect our parks" and another that helps educate kids on managing money.  The ideas are as varied as the problems that exist.  No matter what the problem, though, it's clear that there's an innovative app-concept for that!

Here's a short video infomercial about my students' app called Happy Clean:

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